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The Laundry Maid

Sleep and Dreams

I swallowed you today,
As the snow kissed my face,
And the sun hid beneath the clouds.

I never knew that last night when I closed my eyes,
Wishing for sleep and dreams,
As my dark lashes folded upon my cheeks,
Like the blankets that covered me.

That you would lose your carbonation,
With each swallow, subtle, and thirsting,
I longed to taste you as you were,
But like the seasons,
The winter has taken you,
Only bringing me cold.

Curl Softly

This morning, the coffee tastes less sweet.
I close my eyes, as I feel it run down my inside.
Curling softly like waves against my inner cheek.

The period for repossession is indistinct.
Yet, with every swallow, every diluted breath
The time elapses without resounding signals.

Like this bitter coffee,
We carry flaws,
Flaws that become obvious like the bruise on a red delicious,
Would I still taste the fruit.
Knowing I warrant more?

Cross Bedded

You are the sand I long to sink into, run my fingers across.
I catch pieces of you underneath the nail.
Your rim, moving against me,
For only a moment,
Brief, but notable.
You submerge slowly amongst this coral landmass.
And become lost in the current,

That brushes against our skin,
To which is quickly eaten quickly by the sea birds,

That cry out in nursery rhymes.
Broken down and down again
I can only crumble upon your epiclastic hands that watch intently,
As I fall through an index and a ring finger.
Cross bedded among similar grains.
I become one with you,
The sand..

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