Alphabet Soup Minuscule

The Laundry Maid

Bleeding Pink

My heart bleeds pink,
As I watch the flowers die more each day.
Like me, like you.
Our roots cut.
Our cells breaking down and spitting out the leftovers,
As if we were last week’s pot roast.

Turning Blue


“I loved you with a fire red, now it’s turning blue” One Republic
I heard these lyrics today and realized these are super fabulous lyrics, an honest line that signifies how people today just choose to turn their feelings off rather than choose to love and be loved. Life is filled with many disappointments and all too often, we let these negative feelings take over rather than simply saying “these things happen”. This is especially true in regards to relationships. The link between two people will never evolve when you are constantly looking backwards, and focusing on what is not happening versus what is.
So, for those of you out there who keep drawing jokers from your deck please remember the following:
1) You do not need a partner in order to feel validated—only you can do that.
2) Remember your values
3) Remind yourself you ARE worthy.
4) Do not shut off your feelings-you are only hurting yourself.
5) Focus on what is good and decent about those around you.
6) Be empathic towards others.
7) Smile.
8) Never hit backspace with your thoughts or feelings
9) Eat a spicy burrito


It was your distinguishing motifs, that pulled me in,
Your intricate patterns I longed to admire, and distinguish.
You were conveniently easy to handle,
One chance and a shuffle,
In hope to build a structure that I irrationally thought would be strong.
Yet, somehow, you have become a memory sport,
As your many faces now fall around me.

I am only left to ponder the realities, the dreams,
None of which suit the ass move you played,
Dealing me this losing hand,
To which I can only quietly fold.

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