Alphabet Soup Minuscule

The Laundry Maid

This Breath, This Breath.

You have mastered to apprehend a part of me,
To which, in admission, I seldom bare.
And confess I was in contempt.
When you found me, DOA, You
Somehow re-lit fires that were long put out.

I close these eyes, and just feel,
I just feel the burning of this vessel and,
I am aware that it is without injury or fault.
Further stripping me of this sight, and
Dislocating any attempts to bear witness.
I can only be compliant to these natures,
Because these blue eyes are filled of you.

This breath, this breath,

Is the breath you have breathed into me,
stormy, uncertain, but sincere.
My awareness is bursting as you have purloined every notion.
But, to this, I do accept.
The highest decree.

Hearts & Tasers

Somewhere she missed a turn,
The wet pavement underfoot and the bilious fixations of hearts and Tasers,
Were mixed together like soggy oatmeal in a plastic bowl.
The girl’s too old for fairy-tales and fancies
Yet, she’s too young not to dream.


We are but, delicate plants that color the world of another.
The care one needs is inimitable to that of you or I.
As the scent of tomorrow lay upon our petals, short lived,
Thriving on touch and blooming fully in your spring.
Is it is the five petal blue I carry that you find delightful?
Or that I can comfortably reseed myself in your thoughts?

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