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Taking Time To Enjoy Each Moment.

With the end of the first week of the school year coming to an end; I took a moment from all the first week chaos to just enjoy my career and my coworkers.

For anyone who knows what it is like working in education, they know how crazy and overwhelmed teachers are the first week. 

So, this week, I decided to lessen the loads of new teachers and do small things to make them smile. The first was snap a “no selfie zone photo” with the new Art teacher Rebecca. She is amazing! As you can see she gave me a “floating head on a stick”.


I helped acclimate new teachers, associates with BIP’S and programs and helped with others learn and become familiarized with the programs. 

I captured a skirt day photo with my friend Nicole. If I had wore my black tank top we would have been twins! 


Soon I will be flooded by the sound of thousands of teens and preteens. For those of you who can imagine–it sounds eerily similar to ,”The Walking Dead”. 

Though, I cannot wait to squeeze through hallways, and make those kiddos,laugh. But for now, a coffee, pistachio muffin and chit chat. 

Back to learning!!


The sweat from your palm,

Presses itself, wet to mine.
Catching itself lightly inside my thumb.

As the sun, seizes our left shoulders,
The right lay in our own shadows.
I wonder, if this side,
Are the parts of us we hide?
The parts the sun can’t quite reach.
Yet, the wind easily makes love to.

Soon, the dead leaves will cover the sound of our toes on the sidewalk.
But not yet.
Because today is still ours.
And the shops are still open,
As the people purchase and make change for twenties.

And you.
You with my palm in yours,
Leading me from and into the seasons.
Are always window shopping,
But never stopping to buy.

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