Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Swept, Away

Written in collaboration with Edward H

Binge watching you break my heart,

With the plot twist in season II,

I am cancelled without a finale as,

The rally’s failed miserably,

And I have, too.

All these moments, I have felt you let me down.

As you’ve tucked me away

In some shoebox in a bedroom closet,

Lightly packed, but never folded.

Fringe, mocking me mercilessly and,

I haven’t found all the pieces yet.

Guest starring in my own story,

I am not the hero,

Is there any part of me left?

My breath catches on my left shoulder,

As I look behind me.

It’s cool and passes by like a breeze through a window.

I long to feel it again,

Just to feel something worth anything.

On a shelf, I find this picture of you.

I take it down, but I can’t say your name.

I don’t want to remember the sandcastles we built,

While the waves are crashing down.

Around me

Around you

Around us.

You there.

In places, apart.


Like Milk


Freckled me.


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