Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

The Best Parts

You are the bible I read each night.
I study your language;
your expression.
I memorize every comma, every consonent within your text.

I swallowed your reluctances.
And still…
I love you with your limitations;
And I, with mine.

I’d pull them over me like a quilt at 8.
Then, I’d dream of you,
With you right next to me.
Where one should never dream.

I still taste you.
The best parts,
and the worst parts.
It’s like a knotted lump in a throat.
The wanting of you.

Still, I open you up each nite.
In search of lines I maybe missed;
Or laughter that’s been misplaced.
As if it were lipstick in a purse.

I study this and I read knowing.
Nothing new will be learned today.
Only moments to be catalogued, and stored away.








Of You

I stare into myself.
This reflection of a girl, a woman;
With a strong but pained heart beating.

She looks back at me smiling,
A year older and somehow
We are still similar.
Though, I’m colder, worn and harder now.
Both of us longing to break free from this glass that bind us.

I wonder if she thinks about you–
The same way I think about you?
Is she lonelier than me?
Does she too long for the reflection of others next to her?
Of you.

Joelly C S-poet 2018



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