Alphabet Soup Minuscule

The Laundry Maid

Tiny Heartbeats

My want is at a distance. 

And I can’t reach it right now.
Despite my calls.
My reassurances.

My want is far from this air that I breathe and these lyrics that I sing.
Softly whispered through,
Pacifier pink lips.

My want is far from my fingers,
Fingers that can’t feel your face or,
Rise with the breath you breathe.
They lay here now,
with their own tiny heartbeats.

The Weight of Your Vest

I’ve never walked a beat, like you. 

Nor carried the weight of your vest upon my chest.

As you answer the calls,
We could never take.
Solving crises, easing fears.
So that we might rest.
So that we might wake to the sun shining in our windows and,
Breathe in the air of each season.

You are the ones who align us.
Everyday you stand tall, and you fly.
Despite knowing each shift might be your last flight.
Knowing that you carry a burden most could not bear.
Without the recognition you should have.

Yet still, many stand with you.
Whether spoken, or tight lipped. 
We will have your six.

Keep flying.
Keep doing what you do.
We are behind you.

My Reflection

His love for me was perverse. 

Perverse in a sense that I was left feeling inverted and wet like a receipt in a parking lot puddle.

It was anything but solidifying.
Leaving me unsettled like the foundation of a burnt church in Gatlinburg.

His love for me came with conditions.
Conditions I tried, but could never meet.
Like a one legged horse trying to pull a cart three times his weight.

His love for me, was anything but…L.O.V.E.
It was a final I could never pass.
Cologne I could never smell.
Frosting on a fork I that would never touch my lips.
A dress that would never fit.
So, I left it there on the mannequin in the store window.
And walked away.

Taking with it….
My reflection.
My nurturing heart.
My ambition.

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