Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Pale to Amber


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Don’t move left of me, moon.

I want you to face me, and shine,

Softly upon these bare shoulders.

That are freckled from your other partner,

Who leaves me before you come.


It is you I invent for,

You are inopious for my path,

As you light it without reservation.

Amidst more heat than he or I, or her and you.


Don’t move right of me, sun.

I require you to glint right before me.

Make these grey eyes diluent in your place,

Turn my pale to amber,

My spirit from solemn to rosy.


It is you I demand!

You are the fine print that flows through my veins.

Everything I want, nothing more.

You give to me, color and delectation without inquisition.,

With more rage than you and her and him an I.


I want you to face me.

To need me like

The sun stepping right.

The moon stepping left.

Both of them,

Loving me.

In separation.  


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5 thoughts on “Pale to Amber

  1. This is bloody brilliant!❤

  2. I so enjoy reading your intriguing thoughts.

  3. Reblogged this on RamJet Poetry and commented:
    Wow piece from JC

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