Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

End All. 

I’m drunk. 

Schnockered. What do they call it these days?

I can’t feel my legs and I just attempted to “break dance” on my kitchen floor.  In front of my son and his friend. (Yeah, I won’t try that again)

I found myself, at my pjone.  Oops. I meant PHObe. ERR. Let’s try that again (see, told you I was hammered) PHONE. Definitely not hammered anymore. Funny how trying to type up a word sobers a person. 
Moving on….

I went to check my messages. None. What’s new?  So, I decided to clean up my “phone” using smart manager and noticed the words “end all”. I got choked up with those. 

Funny how one message. One less visit. And things end. You give up. Throw in the towel. You just end all. And erase like your mobile smart manager.  


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5 thoughts on “End All. 

  1. Um, you didn’t break anything did you? 🙂
    I would totally try to break dance with you…maybe not in front of your son etc…well, I can sort of do the moon walk…
    I guess depending what it is, end all can be a good thing?

  2. I’m sorry, JC. On to bigger and better things, right? Sweeter, and nicer, and more thoughtful, and craving your company.

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