Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Wet On Your Lip

​It was, good morning beautiful. 

I love you.
Then conge’, cheerio,
 Valedictorian lies.

The moments pass so quick,
Like a midnight drink,
Wet on your lip.
Does this goodbye heal all your  insecurities?
Or does it stack them up in the pantry,
Like little mason jars that hold my garden vegetables?

We love so impulsively,
Yet, we let go so quickly
When the rope begins to burn our hands.

Am I not worth a few blisters?
As my hands are raw,
And my shoulders are tired.
I still hold on for you.
Only to be a severance check you will never unseal.
An envelope you will never gently lick shut.
You laced your joggers up tight.
And let go quickly.


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5 thoughts on “Wet On Your Lip

  1. Such a sad longing in this poem. I just want to give you a hug and tell you everything is going to be okay.

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