Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Straws and Regrets

There are no points scored today. 

Instead, the courts lay vacated.
And the children don’t speak.

The children don’t speak of what they have become exposed to.
Even though we encourage them to share.

The children sit silently like statues today. They sit there with their milk cartons, tiny straws and their regrets.

We watch them.
We watch them in the moments after.
We wonder little … if maybe’s.
We wonder why we didn’t notice
Or how we didn’t prevent.

And we sit here with our lesson plans, coffee mugs, regrets and napkin covered laps.
Trying to cover up this death,
 Trying to conceal our ignorance.
Our flaws and lack of recognition.
We try to  conceal that life as if it were merely something to learn from.

And we sit here.
Watching the children sit.


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6 thoughts on “Straws and Regrets

  1. Oh no… What happened? Or is this a thought piece?

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