Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff


The vessel was older, his bulk a bit decrepit. I sat there watching him, as he attempted to carry cargo not meant for him to hold anymore. Slowly, he fell beneath her uprising. All because he carried weight that he should have let go of long ago. 

Then you opened up to me, with your deep gray eyes and said,

“You cannot fix  everything. Enjoy the sand on your heels, the sun on your nose. Catch the snowflakes on your tongue. If you don’t understand something, leave it at that and move on.”

So, I sat there and listened.  I listened to the cicadas sing. They always remind me of zippers constantly going up and down. But this time, I found a beauty in their song, something new I hadn’t heard before.

Then we embraced and I laughed. Thankful it was the ship, not us that was  sinking.


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