Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Red Lights

I wonder if you got the message I sent by today?
In between the wires and papers,
I look for answers in the clouds.
But, even their shape is gone.
Blended together like pudding in a plastic jar.
Among this, blurred pearl flurries that,
Press themselves tight against my windshield,
Trying to peer in inconspicuously at me.
Maybe they see something I do not?
Or know something they want to tell me,
But their tongues can’t work to get the words out?

I wonder if they feel what I am?
I swallow hard, as if I were sucking glue and,
Watch slow, as they only melt and,

Away from one another,
Like the passing of black and white,
That comes to a quick stop in,
The darkest time of the morning,
Leaving me with faint red lights, that simply fade away.


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