Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Visible Lightness

Here, forms my small world.
Your darkness gazes upon me,
In a natural light, that moves like small ants.
Your Orion arms are only a measurable distance away.

Still, the site makes me hot and influenced.
You—my center—my focus.
Different parts reach me and wrap around me like rings.
Though your pole is still, I rotate.
Towards your energy and your interior.
My perfect place for life.
The only moon.
That is the wave front between us.
Leaving behind soft echoes
That gently touches an upper lip.
Then slowly subsides.
Leaving behind a visible lightness,
Grazing, glancing, and sweeping.
Building new beginnings out of dirt.



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2 thoughts on “Visible Lightness

  1. I really like a lot. There appears to be a blend of mystical and spiritual in this one. I focus on the rings. It seems to be that of a draw that pulls one in and yet there is a feel of security too. The experience like a rebirth especially when reaching the end lines in building new beginnings out of dirt. It’s uplifting.

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