Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Ever. Pausing.

Smile, hard, as I wait at stop.
My life flashes red,
Like afterbirth.
Though I have lived getting cut on only green,
Like lips that are left to regret,
Whistling on that blade of grass.
I turn to this yellow,
It is only blurred.
As I have spent my life in between…
Only reds and greens.


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3 thoughts on “Ever. Pausing.

  1. i suppose every time one makes a step forward into life you are going to get cut as in regards to the green. though for me caution is a huge word as it’s not just a stop and go kind of thing as there is no blur at all. that’s where I hang out. moving forward for me is like afterbirth and I think ewwww and will been slimed by the next great negative experience that comes my way.

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