Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Everywhere, clouds.

I saw your face today,
It was perfectly formed, like hot breath in the winter’s air.
I parted my mouth just enough, so that I might breath you in, and keep you forever inside me.
While you float above me like dandelion fluff, I notice,
The warmth that comes with acceptance,
That feeling when the sun hits you just right, even the clouds cannot block it.
It is only then, I realize, that you were a mindless tapestry hanging on a wall.
A mere aftershock of something that was bigger before.
A loose thread hanging on a hemline, plucked out like a wiry hair on a chin.
As we attempted to build castles in the screens we called living.
Yet, everywhere there were clouds to fog up our realities.
And create a bigger distance between what is and what is not.
And somehow we lost ourselves in them,
Never really making it to the surface or fighting for our blue sky thinking.
Instead we bleed through our tears, and drop our bottoms.
Losing our form, our truths and our faces.


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2 thoughts on “Everywhere, clouds.

  1. love the last 2 lines

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