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Beiber Backlash or Learning Opportunity for our kids?

I have been knocked for six by the medias backlash regarding Justin Bieber’s latest actions. I can understand the many parents concern over his lack of being role model worthy. Yet, on an empathic note, I can understand the frustrations of being a teenager (just not one so widely publicized by the news). Thank God for that-because my list is ten times longer than Justin Bieber’s! Personally, I believe it is material to try and understand his actions or maybe feel some sorrow instead of disgust for and outrage towards him. Besides, it is so easy for some to pop off at the mouth and judge rather than try and understand the factors which may be contributing to this behavior in the first place. Are we overlooking ALL those bad choices we made growing up? Did we not learn from our errors in life? This is how we grow, by making mistakes and learning from them.  As parents we can help embrace these situations and help our children learn from them (even if they are not their own). This should be crucial dinner conversation to have with our kids about choices and how they can affect us and how we can learn and move on from them. At the same time shunning any uncertainty about whether Bieber is an appropriate role model for our children.  The mistakes we make provide natural consequences that provide learning opportunities. According to Fay and Funk (2013) parents have the choice in how situations are dealt with. They can choose to create a life- long lesson by allowing the consequence to set in or they can complain about it. Parents, give the young man a break, and have faith that these lessons will in turn make him a stronger man who will be better equipped to make more responsible choices in the future.


Fay, J. and Funk, D. (2012). “Love and Logic Tips”. Love & Logic Institute, Inc. Retrieved on March 15, 2013 from


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8 thoughts on “Beiber Backlash or Learning Opportunity for our kids?

  1. tough place for any kid to be in. He can’t help but feel entitled. Look at all the train-wrecks that disney girls grow into. Tough to be a child star when every one celebrates your failures.

    • Absolutely. Just makes me sad when (media) judges and high-lite others mistakes-I think I would LOVE to play private investigator and sneak inside some of these news agents personal lives-he he. But have to remind myself two wrongs do not make a right 🙂

      • by the way, what did he do ?

      • Well…1: He tried to sneak in his underage friends into a London night club for his 19th birthday(who hasn’t done that). 2: he got aggressive with the Paparazzi and??

      • when I worked as a bouncer in downtown cleveland on weekends we always let younger girls in, good for business and sometimes we got a phone number.

        never underage boys. They always wanted to fight.


  2. So, that’s why the bouncers always let me in 🙂

  3. celebrities aren’t supposed to be the role models for the kids. definitely by far no BEIBER fan. those celebrity kids are being exploited by all sides – parents and the entertainment business.

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