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Big Words from a Little Mouth

The morning rush here was a little less rushed today, due to the 6 inch snow causing 2 hour school delays. My older two, made their beds and prepped themselves for school (you know girls got to look stylish and pretty) while my youngest and I spent time doing a bit of create writing. As I went back to work on the scrambled eggs and hash-brown breakfast, Carlie busied herself in writing her poem. Below is the full conversation.

Carlie: I wrote that new poem mama.

Me: Great, will you read it for me so that I may hear it?

Carlie: Absolutely, but I am going to warn you it’s a little queer.


You can check out her new poem here-have a great Friday everyone.


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One thought on “Big Words from a Little Mouth

  1. seems you have a smart young girl. She has learned that words are like toys we can play with.

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