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J.C. Scheff

Tea With the Queen


My teenager, Shannah, has another science test coming up. So, I wasn’t real suprised when she argued with me when I asked her to come sit down with me to study. Simple because, if it doesn’t concern sports, music, texting, or make-up she could really care less.  She grumbled and muttered under her breath as she lugged her material and textbook to the kitchen table. As, I questioned her over the vocabulary, my youngest came with her materials, and wanted to practice too. I requested that she begin to write down the words she heard, and listen to their definitions (hey, you are never to young to learn about the parts of the brain, hormones, testes and all that sort of stuff).

Typically, when I study with all my children (pre-test), I go over the information in their books and packets, and then I draft up my own quiz for them to take. The quiz contains true false, multiple choice, and short answers, as well as comparing and contrasting different terms. So, after I drafted Shannah’s test, Carlie requested her own. I sat quietly for a moment and thought,” Obviously I cannot test her on the parts and functions of organs”-so I created my own little (first grade) quiz for her.

I wanted it to be engaging for her, yet, I also wanted her to laugh. Thus, this should explain question number 3. (Where do farts come from). She should know, because every time I turn around there is a chorus coming from her behind. I watched patiently as she filled out the answers-she is left handed, and impatient, so writing is not an easy task for her. Little did I know, that she would confuse farts with “fruit”-or that she still believed tomatoes were a veggie.  Despite this, it became a really fun assignment for her as we discussed the many different types of fruits and veggies and how they all came from different places like trees, bushes, the ground and so forth-and that farts well…we all know where they come from.

Tonight’s lesson: Tea with the queen.


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4 thoughts on “Tea With the Queen

  1. sharing the love of learning is what it’s all about. Stay the course mom!

  2. The cutlass is in your left vest pocket-and the parrot had diarrhea from the stale crackers you fed him yesterday so you caged him. Can’t believe you forgot…

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