Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Streetlights and Shadows

Come. Let me look at your perfection.

You feel small, inept and meek.

I, the mirror, see your strength and your height.

Your eyes are tired, and your breath is hot,

From the nights you danced with her.

Along with the streetlights and shadows,

The shades pulled open so the world could admire,

The electricity between your fingertips,

As you pulled her near.

Whispering and whimpering love.

I, alone in the dark, hung neatly above white porcelain.

My reflection is dusty and spotty.

Yet I still see your need for her,

In the dark, as you sleep.



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10 thoughts on “Streetlights and Shadows

  1. this reminds a bit of Neruda. though it could be a romantic interlude, it also is a romantic interlude with the earth. but there is a warning though especially when it says, “your breath is hot” as it reminds me of global warming. just a take alpha.

  2. Very good, I’m still trying to put this one together.

  3. Thank you-that means alot to me.

  4. Wonderfully written, very interesting. I love this poem 🙂

  5. vErY interesting poetics! glad found your blog, following… 🙂

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