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Happy Anniversary to…..Me!

I just received the notification, that today marks my ONE year anniversary here on WordPress.  This past year has been a very meaningful one to me, I have learned so many things, and grown because of them. Over this past year I have seen more creative spirit on this site, than I have in my entire life. I have seen a few posts that have made me say to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” (Then, secretly wanting to kick myself-for not beating these writers to the punch). This leads me to, “Perspective”. Perspective is one of the many things that I find so refreshing about this site because we all have a unique way of seeing, and feeling, what is in front of us, or what is inside of us.

Over this past year, I also got the opportunity to connect with other people who aim to share in the joy of their creative juices. People whom I could relate to, learn from, and admire from afar. I am going to list a few of my favorite bloggers below, so that you may go and see for yourself what they have to offer.

P.S. Happy Anniversary-anyone down for some wine?





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16 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to…..Me!

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. I just had mine recently and have been amazed at how many have supported my fledgling efforts. I hope this continues to be a good second year for you.

  2. how funny, like your good self, and indeed like your previous commenter above, I just received the same 1st anniversary a couple of days ago. Like you, looking back, I now see, it has been quite a good year and quite a satisfactory evolution (of blog, and writing and life in general I guess) Many thanks for your visit. Only just clicked on, in a reciprocal spirit but like what I see so far. Looking forward to looking around some more. Nice to make your acquaintance. and very best regards- A.

  3. thanks for the mention, we came of blogging age together! May next year be your best ever.

  4. Hey, congratulations! I’m glad I found you because I love your writing. Thanks for mentioning me! That was sweet.

  5. Paul Christiansen on said:

    Oh wow, thanks for the referral. I’m flattered. Congrats on your anniversary too. I look forward to reading more this year, and the next… 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversay, Hun!

  7. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I’ve been meaning to check out your blog ever since you followed mine, and I’m sorry I haven’t had the time, but I finally did today. I’m so glad I did, I love your writing!

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