Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

Once Living


Oh, I am but the rock that fits perfectly within the palm of your hand.

That rock that weathers and changes.

Am I the Gneiss, quartzite, flint, or Schist?

What do you see, as you look at my repetitive shape and my humdrum color?

Do you see a tool for hurt?

Or a gem for which you will collect and savor?

Maybe I am the rock you will skim upon the water,

Leaving me to sink and drown in an unfamiliar place?

Oh, I am more than the common rock that you held within your hand.

With each layer, a story you would never understand.

Unlike you, I am merely of substance formed without love.

Without human feelings of conscious.

The shell of the once living,

The once seeing and breathing.

I am the backbone to your existence,

For which you have walked upon and pissed on.

Despite this I am solid,

Examine my properties, and take note of my fractures and cleavage.

They are unchanged, but strong.


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5 thoughts on “Once Living

  1. such a little shaping can transform that hardest substance into beauty

  2. vandevenbram on said:

    After watching Curiosity on Discovery Channel about how the first rock tool changed our entire civilization and the way we think, this is a really good extension on it! Beautifully written!

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