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J.C. Scheff

The Sound of Nothing

She sometimes just loved the sound of nothing.  No static from the television. No gossip from coworkers, barking dogs, or yelling parents. Conversation could only do so much-go so far. And frankly…sometimes people just said too much. They forgot about their vocal filters, their uncouth, vile language was just spewing out all over-as if they were impulsive children unable to take turns with a yellow, plastic,  sit in spin.

She loved those quiet moments in between- where she could just sit back and observe her surroundings. Observing the way his eyes landed on hers-the coldness of them told her she didn’t have to speak. They knew what the other was thinking…feeling.

What she did love, was the anger in a thunderstorm-those moments where the wind lost its control, taking with it tree branches, and the left behind yard toys. And the feel of his breath on her back, as he held her, without saying a word.


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18 thoughts on “The Sound of Nothing

  1. sometimes, words are extra.

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  3. Sometimes your words are fighting, while all your bodies want to do is apologize and move on.

  4. This is beautiful. 🙂

  5. Sometimes, silence speaks the loudest. This is beautiful.

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  7. Annasarayna on said:


  8. Silence is golden– perhaps even platinum

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