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Evolutionary Psych:

This week in my Psychology of Personality class we had to draft a paper where we pretended that we were consultants  helping people write descriptions of themselves for an online dating service.  We were asked to draw on the theory of evolutionary psychology and write one description for a man, and one for a woman. We were then asked to design each to be attractive to the opposite sex on characteristics that would be identified as important in evolutionary psychology. The problem with this is genders are extremely misrepresented, and stereotyped into gender specific categories thus, ignoring the human as a unique being.

Despite this-it was rather amusing. So, I thought I would share my devised people for you, here.

Jack and Jill Dating Service

Joseph Montgomery: I am a thirty-six year old Virgo. I am a self-employed business man. I am five foot 9 with an average build. I have dark hair, and brown eyes. I am originally from Tempe, Arizona.

Interests: In my free time, I likes to fish, camp, watch sports; especially the Pittsburg Steelers cheerleaders. I also enjoy working on my house, cooking, and spending time with my two children, ages seven and ten.

Favorite Season: This would be a tie between Autumn and Summer.  Favorite Music: Country and rock.  Favorite Foods: Steak and anything spicy. I don’t care for sweets.

Seeking: I am seeking an attractive, family orientated woman who is twenty-three to twenty-five years of age. (The younger the better)  Preferably someone fit, that takes good care of herself, and is concerned about her looks. I would prefer a woman with nice flat abs and large firm breasts, if not, that’s okay we can have them enlarged. I also prefer a woman who doesn’t have her own children, because I would like for her and I to work on settling down and producing a few of our own.  I am looking for someone adventurous, that doesn’t mind letting me take care of her and cook, during the many pregnancies we will share. I also prefer that her looks remain well-kept during and after all the pregnancies. Because attraction is a must for me.

Perfect first date:  Would be dinner at Tandoor, and then a walk in the park, or maybe a movie or ball game.

Julia Bowman: I am a twenty-five year old Capricorn who works in Real Estate.  I am a five foot 6 and weigh 126 pounds. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. I take great pride in my appearance and work out every day. I was born in Duluth, Minnesota.

Interests: Participating in marathons and triathlon. I enjoy music, shopping, antiques, and design. Favorites Season= Spring. Favorite Music: Rock, Rap, and Indie.  Favorite Foods: Anything but meat, since I am a Vegan.

Seeking: I am seeking an older, attractive self-sufficient man who is between 30 to 45 years of age. I want a man who has high socioeconomic status, who is well-known and respected in the community. I seek that fatherly figure, who isn’t concerned about sexual intimacy, because money is more important to me than sex. He needs to be ready to settle down, get married and begin a family(so of course we would occasionally be intimate during those times we try to conceive).  I want someone who is financially secure, affectionate and responsible-but still has his hair (if not we will work around that). Someone that is capable of taking care of me and having a large family.

Any thoughts on The Theory of Evolutionary Psychology about dating?


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18 thoughts on “Evolutionary Psych:

  1. arnoldthearmadillo on said:

    If those guys were real you should set up a business sanitising personal profiles for online daters 😀

  2. pretty good here. I got a few laughs here. i’m a steelers fan and i’m sure they don’t have cheerleaders but that is ok and might of been intended. can’t say that either would be a match here…*L*

    • Yeah. Me either. I thought the Steeler’s had cheerleaders? Oops :0)

    • Omega-these people were actually not supposed to match up. We were only supposed to devise two separate people that would fit the requirements of what the defined gender would search for :0 . The whole paper isn’t here-only the devised people. I just didn’t want to share a six page paper on here-haha

      • if they weren’t supposed to match up then my psycho-analytical skills were in pretty good shape except I didn’t know it was supposed to be like that. yes, a 6 page paper might not of got my attention – shorter reads do best – hahaha.

      • Yes-it was one of those few assignments we were told to “have fun” with. Those assignments are rare 🙂

  3. Why is the starsign germane to their descriptions?

    • Sorry, I am not 100% following what you are trying to ask here? However, I will try to answer to the best of my ability. I don’t take time to follow nor understand star signs. Star signs were not required-nor expected to be relevant to the people. The people are only fictitious. The signs were added to help fill in the word requirements needed for the assignment-plus I thought it would add an extra oomph to the assignment-simply because when most people meet someone they have an interest in-they ask about the other individuals sign.

  4. Your presentation of the mar vs. Venus assignment was very good. My theory has always been as such; men and women are both equal, the only factor that distinguishes a man from a woman, is their approach to pursuing a potential mate. By nature, men are guided by female physical attributes, and of course, when they, if ever, become wise, they will realize that physical attributes has no weight in terms
    of a relationship. As far as the female, she by nature, pursues nurture, and security, but not security in the sense of finances, more in terms of emotional stability, protection, and to be loved sincerely. Of course, my theory is more in-depth, but that is it in a nutshell. Great post.

    • Thank you. I just felt that the theory was extremely outdated and does not look at the individual. Your thoughts take a more in depth, realistic view on the matter. I never considered how differences in approach could factor in on this. Yet, you are right.

      I feel humans are unique, so what they find attractive in the opposite sex will vary. And women, too, tend to be guided by physical characteristics of man before the other aspects.

      Maybe this is because we live in a society where we are exposed to beauty, thus, clouding our televisions and our minds? This makes me consider the Disney princess movies and how they give girls an unrealistic view of what a man should look like, and act like.

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