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I have a confession… I love homework. This may sound peculiar-but it’s true. Nothing goes better with homework than glass of Sprite. So with a glass full it was time to begin. This past week my assignment has been to develop a Lesson Plan Unit for Elementary Science. I chose to design a unit for students in the 3rd grade surrounding Species/life on the Planet and how our Carbon Footprints affect them. In this particular unit there will have to be a total of ten to fourteen daily lessons (I am now up to lesson 7), these include rubrics and different ways to assess for student learning. When I began this project I had such a big idea and to be quite honest, sometimes ideas are easier to express than actually putting them on paper.
Over the course of the week, I would get one lesson completed, and take a break. Now I have another confession…. I am rather fond of “Songpop” on Facebook. So, during these breaks a I play agame or two.. These games are for the most part quick except for one thing…Sometimes you hear one small piece of a song that you haven’t heard in many-many years.
Next, the craving comes.  Your pulse quickens, and your mouth waters. Except it’s not like craving food or something else tangible. This is something that just cannot be purchased or stored in the pantry. Not like the happiness one may feel after buying a new pair of jeans or something else medial.

Today, the guilty conspirator was the song, “Eye in the Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project. That one small line on Song pop resulted in my quick departure to You-Tube to listen to the entire version. I found myself 5 years old again and in the back seat of my parent’s 1972 Chevy Nova. I began to extract that feeling of powerfulness as I listened to the lyrics in the song. The whole world was literally in front of me in that old back seat. Sometimes, my father would let me sit in front-his red bandana held out the passenger side window with my skinny little fingers. Not very often though I could never sit still very well. Those moments of wind ripping through it, along with my Annie styled permed bob. And one great big toothless grin.

Today, I got the same aerial feeling just with that one song. Except the bob is gone, the perm is gone, and I have all my teeth. I got to be little and carefree again for a moment. Though just not as cute or innocent. Funny how a song can take you anywhere you want to be. It might not always be a first class seat-but those few moments feel like a calming tickle. Kind of like tiny caterpillar feet crawling on the soul. Now, on to my Unit plan before I spill my sprite.


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11 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. there is such joy in learning, I hope your students catch it from you.

  2. Your parents had a ’72 Nova! They must have been awesome!

  3. nice piece down memory lane here. in this selection of alan parson’s was a particular favorite of mine when i was around the ages of 16-18. i had the I ROBOT album. a solid progressive band that could be more compared to YES than RUSH. what direction is your major as to your schooling?

    • I always loved that song-though cannot say if I have heard any of his other songs? I will start student teaching next fall. I plan on teaching full time in the middle school level-and continue to work towards my masters degree in Psychology/Creative Writing/ Child Development. I have already begun my Dissertation – :0)

      • i’ve been meaning to get back to on this. great to hear as to your goals in regards to teaching and the further of education.:) your a bit younger than i am and i don’t have that kind of option open to me. the only thing i can do is to continue to work the word and improve at it. i can say now that it has opened some doors that hadn’t been there at all previously, so that is a good feeling.

      • Don, you have many options-both as a writer and whatever else your heart desires. I am a strong believer that you are never too old to do what you dream.

      • i’ve definitely got half of that dream working for me. i did talk to one of the professors who teaches poetry. he says i don’t need the extra schooling. if i were to i’d only be inclined to take a course or two just to advance my portfolio. certainly at 52 and thinking full bore with schooling and massive debt probably wouldn’t do me a whole lot of good at this stage. now if i had this going at a much younger age, i’d be thinking about it.

      • I love CW classes and would take them every chance I get because there is always something to learn. Are there any creative writing groups you could join in your area?

      • i have a quite a few people around me that could answer that question as to creative writing groups. though, i think i’d want to try a collegiate creative writing course, but i’m not sure how that all works. after all erie pa is only a 20 mile jaunt west of me with a few universities available.

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