Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

The Orchid


The Orchid spoke out to me that day on the shelf.

It was unseen among the many others that crowded around it.

My small fingers worked their way back to touch the skin of its delicate petals.

It was our first embrace.

A mid-day transplant from one to heart to another.

The flowers were softly sprinkled with blameless hues of whites and mauves.

Like us, it was worthy and sound.

We captured its images while it was in its prime.

That night after goulash, we made love and then spoke of the orchid.

It was one embrace of many.

Up until the next time.

With each temporary day, I watched as the orchid changed.

The petals became flaccid and fell like wet snowflakes in April.

It was dependent on more than ice cubes and our breath.

Slowly it turned into a stick in a pot.

In time, our stance and our weaknesses brought us back to be better than we ever were.

And with that the Orchid blossomed once again.

Green leaves began to break through the soil.

It symbolized life, amity, and hope.

Yet, like us, it wasn’t strong enough.

In our most fragile moments and times of letting go, it too gave up.

Tonight at bedtime, I spoke to my children of the Orchid.

We pondered the beauty and strength that once lay within its roots.

The life that once existed when it all came spiraling down.

And how we will always have its images in our minds to reflect on and learn from.

One by one they said their bedtime prayers.

And we embraced.





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18 thoughts on “The Orchid

  1. i like this a lot. i can certainly see it as to the muse but also in the physical.

  2. top left on your screen where it says your blog name, hover, then click widgets, drag the links widget into the sidebar and let go, that’s it in. you can move it up or down later on as you please.

    Go to poets corner, highlight and copy the URL, go to dashboard, add link, paste the URL into where it says website address, then type poets corner where it says name.

    MOST important is to tick the little box that says blogroll, then top right, click add link.

    Let me know when you get it done, there’s other things you could do.

  3. You really do have a way of painting a vision of sight and emotion.

  4. “Slowly it turned into a stick in a pot” -that is one devilishly devistating line, sister. Thanks for thinking it.

  5. beautiful poem and sentiments

  6. I love the imagery in this

  7. I love this. I too am in love with words and meanings.

  8. terramati on said:

    Just stunning. You do have a gift!

  9. lovely unrhymed words with the implied couplet

    and holding

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