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J.C. Scheff


1: Thanks For Writing Award



I received this award from


Pay it forward

Bloggers I nominate for this award are as follows: this woman has so much creative, honest energy in her writing. I always look forward to the uniqueness of her work.  there is so much imagery and passion within the work of this author. Thank you for inspiring others around you. If you want to feel, go to this blog. This blog is filled with rare, honest emotion. The writing is exceptional and leaves its readers with many thoughts, feelings and the hunger to create.  








One Lovely Blog Award




I was given this award by Subhan Zein.

This is my first ever award and am truly appreciative to have been given it. I have seen  so many talented writers in my short few months here on WordPress. I want to thank all of my fellow writers for your creativity and helping to inspire me to create once again.  Though I am not sure how these awards work? However, I will do my best to help spark the creative thirst and help to acknowledge those around me.




Fellow bloggers I am nominating are as listed.






3: The Sunshine award was presented to me by fellow writer who allows me to be able to re-look at how I write and re-evaluate who I am as a writer. Thank you for  allowing me the chance to do this.



 This award is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Thank you so much for considering me. I find myself reading so many creative and wonderful pieces that I oftentimes second guess myself as a writer. I believe this is needed in order to strove to put out more creative work and further grow as an individual.   

Pay it forward:


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15 thoughts on “Awards

  1. i also gave you a one lovely blogger award! last week! popular you

  2. Hi Joelly, could you go into your personal settings and give me your WordPress username and email, i have tried all other names etc and they don’t work, Harry

  3. Thats better 🙂 i just sent the invite so you can start to publish your poems, you are now author number 5 🙂

  4. I see you have changed you theme and added the blogroll.

  5. hey … thank you so much for the nomination

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