Alphabet Soup Minuscule

J.C. Scheff

JPEG Images

Fingers peck away at the keys.


Steady and slow, working out the coils.


The air is no longer putrid, now modern and crisp.


Breath it all in, and let it show a leg.

Exhale, blow off the dust.


Watch it’s morsels fall, like snowflakes in March.


They disperse quickly, like ants on a kitchen counter.


trying to find their place,yet poured down the drain.




The scent of my hair now misplaced.


Images of the nape of a neck,


You remember every line, every freckle.


Now defragmented.


Erased with the computer’s memory.


Don’t concern yourself,


Little jpeg images only leave behind disorder.


Slowing down the hard drive.


The computer moans…




You add a new favorite loop.


Only a small preview,


An insignificant zip code and a picture.


Of a face, you can no longer grasp.


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